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We add value

Outsourcing in Professional Services (OPS) is a Mexican company working to develop HR solutions for your day to day operation. At OPS we add value to your business through:

  1. Payroll processing
  2. Payroll outsourcing
  3. IMSS certificates
  4. Accounting outsourcing or consultancy
  5. Fiscal outsourcing or consultancy
  6. Financial outsourcing or consultancy
  7. Labor consultancy
  8. Business process management
  9. Recruiting and staffing
  10. Training courses

OPS can help you with management, fiscal or operational processes ensuring accuracy and precision on all calculations. More than 10 years of experience in the industry and satisfied clients for more than 8 years such as Cinemark de México, United Airlines, Talkpool, Novaprint and some others support our services. Clients from different industries and with different needs benefit from flexible solutions and personalized services at a fair price.

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Whether your problem is administrative, fiscal or operation, we can support OPS and ensure accuracy in their calculations and tranquility for the future

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