Our Profile

Founded in 2002, OPS is a Mexican firm with more than 50 years of experience added by its associates specialized in business processing outsourcing. Our services include accounting, payroll or management outsourcing or consultation, staffing and recruiting, tax, benefits and SS calculations.

Since we know that coming to Mexico or Latin America can be confusing and time consuming because too many differences and protective policies to our employees. At OPS we really work with you so that you can understand policies and laws that directly affect you and your business.

At OPS we will work on doing this process easier, right within the law and more efficient for you and your business so that you won´t be confronting future problems.

We seek a system thinking strategy in all our services in order to map and document all the business process involved in our services, as well as standardized them. We are familiarized in compiling with SOX requirements of our client’s business process.


We have more than 10 years of experience on payroll, accounting and finance. Our Director has been awarded during his career on the manufacturing industry with the “Star Cash Flow Merits” and “Best Operating Income” awards by Golf and Western Manufacturing.

Human Capital

The experience and expertise of our associates, our human capital and technological resources allow us to offer you a flexible service, including but not limited to payroll processing and accounting. All our clients already benefit from our tax, labor and systems experts, all working together to create tailor made processes and systems according to your day to day operation.

Systems and procedures

We have all the resources working to create tailor made processes and systems with the needed flexibility to adjust to your day to day operation. Since we owned and manage our systems, we can make any change or adjustment JIT with a 24/7 service.