• 31 theaters within the Mexican Republic
  • Three different payroll calculation
  • 1500 employees
United Airlines
  • Payroll with mixed schedules
  • Calculation of benefits and profits of the Airline Industry
  • Weekly payroll
  • Calculation of profits of the Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Calculation of benefits to expatriates
  • Calculation of benefits the Telecommunications Industry


Payroll Processing

OPS periodically receives information of modifications of its employees and makes sure that all calculations regarding its personnel are correctly integrated and filed before the corresponding authorities, including:

Registries, unregistries, salary modifications, bimonthly variables calculation, delivery of IMSS risk premium statement, EMAS (anticipated monthly issuances) comparisons, INFONAVIT’s (National Workers Housing Fund Institute) credits control, EBAS (anticipated bimonthly issuances) comparisons, integration of payroll tax, monthly control of provisional withholding payments per employee, annual calculation of income tax, tax returns before SAT (Tax Administration System) and withholdings certificates.

OPS generates all necessary information for internal control, including:

Payroll calculations, payment per hour, per piecework, per day calculations, social burdens control, and payroll costs per cost center, secondary apportionment of payroll costs, vacations control, registry and control of accounting provisions regarding the payroll, payroll statistics in accordance with the clients requirements for operational control, attendance control system according to its operation. Likewise, a parameterization of customized management reports following the clients requests like accounting reports generation according to ERP client’s requirements for its export, plain files generation following the client’s bank layout for payroll dispersal, treasury service for payments related to the payroll on the client’s behalf, JIT’s settlements and payrolls making, counseling to the client for the configuration of a service provider to pay for different risk levels, basing on the employees’ type of work.

Through payroll manufacturing, the clients, as employers, have low fraud exposure and assure the compliance of labor regulations for outsourcing matters. In OPS we have a 24/7 service where clients can follow and be involved in the payroll process, thus, not losing control of the process. Through payroll manufacturing, the clients make sure they do not to face setbacks with authorities and can assign more resources to the main activity of their business. In this way, unnecessary time and resources are not spent for specialized systems or trainings for the HR personnel and all efforts are addressed to the main business of our clients.

OPS creates a process according to your needs, so that the investment for this service corresponds not just to the size of your payroll, but also to the specifications y/or specific processes that your company requires.

IMSS Certificates

Differences analysis and calculation, and filing of documents to the IMSS. OPS files a certificate of your liabilities to the IMSS, with the certainty that payments made to the IMSS are correct and this way the client remains calm.

It is important to highlight that this service is an obligation for companies with an average of 300 employees per year.

OPS has its own computer systems where a review of the integration of salaries can be made at a 100%, unlike many accounting firms where only selective tests can be made. OPS also does the review and control of the infonavit credits at a 100 %. The reviews and comparisons are done online, i.e., before the clients present their variables and make their payments.

Through this service, the client complies with the regulations on matters like job risk rating and decreases the exposure to possible differences for the concept of social security dues.

Even though this is not an obligation for companies with less than 300 employees a year, it is highly recommendable to present certificates, because employers that file certificates are equally benefited, given the fact that they will not be subject to an inspection visit by the ruling exercises.

Depending on your needs, a certificate can be charged according to the project or if the company requires this service indefinitely, an equal monthly fee or a payments plan can be chosen according to the client’s convenience.

Labor and Fiscal Guidance or Consultancy

Through this service, OPS supports and advises the client to create and document policies and procedures, basing on labor laws for the company to comply with its labor, tax, and social security liabilities with the aim of protecting the company and providing a greater certainty on the foundation of labor, fiscal and social security laws.

This service includes the analysis of benefits basing on the ISR (income tax) and IMSS (Mexican Social Security Institute) laws, collective job, individual, by the job, outsourcing contracts, inspections revision of the Ministry of Labor, social welfare plans, salaries or payment to persons policies integration.

Our clients are benefited when their labor relations are well configured, possible contingencies that could come up during operations are covered and that could cause major legal problems, such as problems with their employees.

Accounting Outsourcing or Consultancy

OPS has a record of the company’s operations for the payment of taxes such as IVA (value added tax), ISR (income tax), IETU (corporate flat tax), federal and state taxes, and tax withholdings. Making of accounting reports and consultancy for the control and organization of your accounting. The client makes sure of having fiscal and IMSS risks. If the client prefers it, OPS could implement internal accounting systems.

With this service, OPS allows the companies to have an accounting functioning department by a fraction of its cost, which allows a small or medium company of recent creation to focus on its sales and grow its business. OPS will take care of all the accounting and fiscal matters. Through outsourcing, the client makes sure that all the tax liabilities are being calculated by experts. This way, OPS guarantees the calculation and payment of these liabilities accurately.

Fiscal Outsourcing or Consultancy

This service allows drawing a previous strategy to face the tax liabilities of the company. OPS makes a follow up to make sure that the necessary and planned steps are being followed in order to comply with the fiscal regulations at the company’s best convenience. The accounting department of a company plays a very important role in this process and will be a 100% involved. It is highly important that this department is engaged to the development of the project and to comply with the planned guidelines.

Unlike a certificate made after the year has passed and when the annual tax return has been filed, in this case the company, together with OPS, look for the best previous strategy to this tax return to avoid future problems and make all the resources more efficient presenting their tax liabilities appropriately and in correspondence to the law.

As well as with accounting outsourcing, the clients can be sure that they are hiring experts on the subject and specialized people.

Financial Outsourcing or Consultancy

This type of services becomes very flexible, because outsourcing and consultancy of a specific project which the company wants to start up or even one that is already working, or even a financial planning can be made for the entire company. In such case, the aim is defining the policies and procedures to achieve the financial objectives of the company or project. Through these procedures, the company’s resources will be optimized.

OPS helps you understanding the difference between a financially sane business and one that is not making resources more efficient and allowing the growth of one or several business units within the company.

In this case, the company will be able to decide if the service will be implemented only for a specific project or for the entire company.

Business Process Management

The integration of your human resources with the technology to make operations more efficient and effective. This service includes an analysis of the company’s processes to innovate and integrate technology within the already existing processes. OPS makes a diagnose of the processes that require or that need to improve and gives an integral solution. OPS develops the systems and according to your needs or resources, implements them in your company, or the whole process is made through an outsourcing of these processes.

This Business Process includes the management of human capital, resources and capital of the company. We can support you by improving your accounting, fiscal and financial management.

      1. Definition of opportunity areas
      2. Analysis of current processes
      3. Proposal of improvement (outsourcing or internal implementation)
      4. Implementation period
      5. Results analysis
      6. Periodical review for a continuous improvement.

This is an integral service with the aim of standardizing and making the processes of the company more efficient without the need of hiring personnel. Many times, companies grow quickly and cannot function with their current schema anymore, thus, the procedures and processes are standardized. In this sense, OPS is able detect opportunity areas to systematize certain parts of the processes without the need of extra personnel or time.